About SharonFrom an early age, God has been leading Sharon to the ministry of teaching.  She always loved playing school and spent many hours in classrooms with her mother, who is also a teacher.  During her four years at Concordia University Texas, Sharon has worked hard to hone her skills as a teacher through coursework and field experiences.  Yet, some of the most impacting opportunities were the ones that occurred outside of her collegiate classroom.

In 2012 Sharon joined a group of college-aged students on a two month trip to Rionchogu, Kenya, a small village in the southwest corner of this African nation.  By the second week Sharon knew that there was something special about this place and that she could see herself living here one day.  During the fourth week she was already crying over having to leave this place where her roots of love were growing deep.  At this moment she vowed to live fully in every moment of the next month and listen for God’s call to do more.  Well, that call has finally come through and Sharon will be returning to Rionchogu in 2014.

Sharon will be teaching Pre-Kindergarten at Neema Nuru Primary School and becoming an active member in the evolving Rionchogu community.  The village has recently gotten solar panels and will be introducing computers and technology to Neema and the community at large.  Sharon will also be working closely with King of Victory Church by teaching Sunday School and mentoring the Junior Girls’ Choir.

Sharon is ready to become a pencil that God will use to write a love letter to Rionchogu through her passions for Christ, education, and serving.

Please pray for:

  • Spiritual guidance as Sharon embarks on this new adventure.
  • Provision of all that is needed to prepare and support Sharon for service in Rionchogu.
  • The hearts and minds of the students who will be in Sharon’s classroom.
  • Ending the poverty cycle in Rionchogu through education.

To Donate Go To: http://www.globallutheranoutreach.com/Whightsil/  and click the GIVE button on the upper right.


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